Tappers With Attitude Youth Ensemble

What Happened?

In May 2010, the Board of Directors for Tappers With Attitude, Inc., the parent organization of Tappers With Attitude Youth Ensemble and Knock On Wood Tap Studio, wrote a letter to the TWA/KOW tap family and community. Here is an excerpt:


"As you probably know by now, the Board of Directors of Tappers With Attitude, Inc. had to make the heart-wrenching decision to place Tappers With Attitude Youth Ensemble on “inactive status” due to budget shortfalls that will effect the operation and standards of the company for the next several years. It is our full intention to keep the art of tap dance alive in the DC area, and we are working very hard to keep the doors to Knock On Wood Tap Studio open for many years to come. However, the economy is not selective, and we are facing the same challenges as many arts organizations locally and around the country. Enrollments are down, grants for general operating support are few and far between, fundraisers and donations raise limited amounts, and expenses are up."


Now What?

Tappers With Attitude is on hiatus, but no one is forgetting such an unforgettable group. Check out the links on the left to read about some of the rich history of Tappers With Attitude Youth Ensemble.