Knock On Wood Virtual Showcase - 2021

Deadline for submissions: May 9, 2021

Dear Knock On Wood Students --
The time has nearly come to wrap up our Spring session and put the '20-21 season to bed! As you know, that usually means Showcase time at KOW. But here we are, on Zoom again. Fear not!
This year, instead of a typical Showcase, or even something like our Waldorf video last year, we have a special surprise planned for you to celebrate our accomplishments. We're keeping it a little under wraps for now, but we want to invite you to participate in the final product! We can tell you there is a short video involved, but you'll have to trust us after that ;)
If you are itching for a performance opportunity, submit a short, 20-second video of yourself tap dancing. Improv, your own choreo, stuff from class you've learned, anything you want! What we make is for all of our students and friends, even if you don't want to submit something. But if you do take the time to submit, we will include snippets of as many as we can!
If this tickles your fancy, further technical instructions and deadline details are below. Remember, keep it short and sweet ❤️. And if you have any questions, you can email Candace Turitto.
Deadline - videos submitted to Candace in THREE WEEKS, by Mother's Day, May 9. 
Uploading - Click here to upload to Dropbox and you can “Add Files” or drag and drop files into the folder.
Tech Thoughts - on video quality, location, music, etc...
● SPACE: Remember we can see everything in the background, so remove anything you don’t want us to see. DO NOT use artificial virtual backgrounds, just your natural background.

● LIGHTING: If it’s a beautiful day, go outside! Natural lighting is fantastic! Otherwise, make sure you can see yourself well on your computer screen indoors. You may need to add a lamp here or there to illuminate yourself entirely.

● RECORDING: If you use a phone, set the phone HORIZONTALLY on its side so it records a wider shot. Try to get your whole body and smiling face in the frame!

● VIDEO QUALITY: The default quality on your phone or computer is probably fine, but you might check its video settings to select the highest quality option, if it's not already used. For iPhone users, you can go to Settings -> Camera -> Record Video -> 4k at 30fps. 

● MUSIC: Sure, if you want! Play it however you prefer.   

● COSTUME: Whatever you want! Maybe grab your favorite Knock On Wood T-Shirt!