POPsational Popsations!

April 24 - May 7, 2017

POPCORN PICK-UP: If you bought popcorn in the studio's fundraiser at the studio, you can begin picking it up Thursday, May 11 at the studio!

* * *

Knock On Wood Tap Studio is having a fundraiser! Keeping our studio financially sound is paramount! We want to be able to continue to provide the best tap instruction and warmest tap community around.


Beginning on April 24th and running until May 7th, we will be selling gourmet popcorn to you, our loyal tap dancers. Everyone loves popcorn. Plain, cheese, caramel popcorn in colorful tins or fancy ribbon-tied bags. Buy some for yourself, or for your mother on Mother’s Day, or as a birthday gift, or for any reason! You can order at the studio (we get 40% of the deal) or online at: www.PopsationsPopcorn.com (we get 50% of the deal) using the code KOWTS at checkout to make sure we get the funds!

Simply... POPsational! ®


The finest ingredients, mixed by hand in small batches.