Hybrid Tap Classes


Winter/Spring Session runs from January 8 to June 9, 2024. Check here for the WINTER/SPRING SESSION class schedule and more details.


Summer Session runs from June 11 to August 11, 2024. Check here for the SUMMER SESSION class schedule and more details.


All of our classes will be in person and there will also be an online option for those who need it. The videos of the classes will also be available if you miss the class in person AND online! Only paid students receive a video if they request it. For those who choose the online option, follow the instructions below.


Here is what you need to know for CLASSES IN THE STUDIO:


COVID-19 policy:

Masks are optional but strongly encouraged, especially in large classes. Please stay home if you feel sick.


At this moment in time, we are not restricting the capacity of our classes, but that could change depending on the pandemic and safety. We will only have classes in Studio A and Studio B at this time. You can find other questions answered in the KOW FAQs. Our registration is all online through Mindbody, and it is preferable that you register and pay online so it is not necessary to do so at the studio.


Here is what you need to know for ONLINE CLASSES:


We are keeping the virtual class option, for those who wish to attend over Zoom. Grab your tap shoes and a portable floor, or grab your sneakers and a kitchen floor, and join in from near or far!

Your instructor will be sending required links to all who have signed up. Using this link will connect you to each class through the platform Zoom.


Additional info:

1) You DON'T need to download Zoom. Each teacher will send an email before class with the link you'll need to click on, which takes you straight to class.
2) If you can, please download the MINDBODY app to your phone (Apple app is here, or Google Play is here), so you can check in, buy a class card, etc. We are charging our regular tuition for these classes, so this will help us accurately track who is logging in with us. If you already have a registration or a class card, you can continue to redeem those thru these classes. Once you have an account through MINDBODY you can register and and pay through that platform going forward, as well. If you’re not yet set up on MINDBODY and need some help, email us!
3) You should have something to watch class from – a computer or an iPad is best. We DON'T recommend a phone (the quality is worse, and it's hard to see on a tiny screen). You will need an internet connection. Set the screen up somewhere that you can see it clearly and comfortably, and have some free space to move, and turn your volume UP :)
4) Floors and shoes:

  • You should ONLY use your tap shoes if you have a tap board or some other disposable wood to dance on... like a sheet of plywood from the garage.
  • BE SURE to put something cushiony underneath, like a towel, or carpet (for your knees).
  • Don't wear your tap shoes on a floor you like.
  • If you don't have a piece of wood, use jazz shoes or otherwise leathery slip-ons – even tennis shoes can work on some floors. You can even just wear socks (but be careful not to apply too much pressure).
  • With any shoe and surface, take care – this is new, so make sure you know how your foot might move differently, or feel a little different, and make adjustments if needed.

5) Get on a teacher's email list! If you haven't already heard from your teacher, or if you're new (or returning after a break) to Knock On Wood, just email us and we can help! Include the level you want to take, the age group of the class you want, and if you're looking for a particular teacher, etc. We can make sure the right teacher adds you to their email list to keep you in the loop for all their upcoming classes.
6) Please remember safety first while participating in class without a physical instructor present. Make sure you have parental permission if you are a minor, a safe space to move around in, and do not attempt anything that you do not feel 100% comfortable with. By participating in these classes, you are agreeing to waive any and all liability to Knock On Wood Tap Studio and its instructors.