FAQs About Knock On Wood

How do I know what level to take? 
If you are new to KOW and not sure which class is best for you, contact us by phone or email to discuss the best placement. If you start in one class and decide to change to another, we can usually accommodate this.

Can I try out a class and switch to another one if I don't like it?
Yes, if you pay for the class and it doesn't seem to be the right fit, you can try a different one until you get it right. Just let us know if you plan to do this.

Can I make up a class if I miss one?
Yes, many classes are offered in another time slot and you can always make up the class at your level or one below. We would appreciate knowing if you are going to make up a class.

What if my schedule only allows me to do drop-in classes?
We would appreciate knowing if you are going to be a drop-in student, especially at the beginning of each session. Sometimes we have to make decisions about continuing a class based on enrollment and we would hate to cancel a class you are planning to attend because we don't know about you!

Can I rent or borrow shoes?
We have a limited supply of shoes in various sizes that can be used when trying a class for the first time. It is highly recommended that each student have their own shoes for best fit and hygiene. Tap Shoes can be found at Footlights, or sometimes you can find them at Payless.


How do I get into the building where the studio is located?

To get into our studio, please see the call box to the left of the door. You will need to push #010. (If you scroll through the names listed in the directory, it will show up as Knock On Wood Tap Studio.) That will ring the office to buzz you in. This is a building operation and almost all of the time it works smoothly.