Trawick Taps!

Knock On Wood Student Scholarships








Knock On Wood Tap Studio (KOW) is thrilled to partner with The Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation to offer scholarship support to students of KOW.


For the 2023-2024 dance season, scholarship funding is available to fund up to one full year of classes or partial funding assistance for a very small number of students at Knock On Wood Tap Studio. Recipients will be chosen based on their commitment to advancing their tap dance education and on a demonstration of financial need. A successful applicant may receive either a full or partial scholarship.


It is our hope that scholarship recipients will further their tap dance education during their scholarship years and beyond, as we believe that involvement with KOW helps youth develop responsibility, respect for the traditions and history of the art form, leadership, self- esteem, and stage presence.


Selection Process

Dancers of all ages may apply for support from the Trawick Taps! Scholarship Program for classes at Knock On Wood Tap Studio.



Eligible applicants will be evaluated and ranked on the following factors:

  1. A demonstration of financial need.
  2. The quality of the applicant’s scholarship essay (250 words or less).
  3. A letter to Knock On Wood Tap Studio from a parent or guardian (if you are a minor) explaining why you are applying for the scholarship.
  4. One letter of recommendation for the applicant. This letter can be written by one of the applicant’s tap dance instructors, but can also be from another adult (not related to the applicant) capable of addressing the applicant’s desire and/or dedication to tap dance and worthiness to receive a Trawick Taps! Scholarship.

Scholarship Award

The scholarship provides funding for up to one full year of classes at Knock On Wood Tap Studio. We have very limited funding and although we would like to aid every applicant, not everyone will receive support and some will receive partial assistance. The amount will not be paid to the student, but held by the studio for disbursal for activities.


Winners cannot default the scholarship to another year.


Download the application form here:

Trawick Taps Application form 2022-23
Trawick Taps Application form 2022-23.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 126.4 KB