Tap In Your School!

Max and Sam Heimowitz
Max and Sam Heimowitz

Bring joy, physical activity and creativity to kids at your school through Knock On Wood's Tap in Your School! outreach program.  We will send a teacher to you, to your school, to teach tap  either during school hours or after the school day is over.


Your school students will be eligible to perform in Knock On Wood's Open Mic show in the fall, or in our annual June Showcase, for classes in the winter or spring.


We currently have programs going on in a number of schools including Janney, Walls-Francis Stephens, Tyler Elementary and Centronia Preschool.


Could your school use a fun, new, innovative and educational program? For more information, please contact Dori Gillman.


Max & Sam Heimowitz teaching CentroNia preschoolers in Takoma Park.


Lisa Swenton-Eppard's class, working on a musical subdivision puzzle.